About Us

Since its inception in 1999 by Mr. Sunil Dutt Sharma, HMFS has set its standards in Taekwondo. Henceforth, there was no looking back and soon young minds were nurtured into responsible citizens of India. At that time, we trained people only for Martial Arts. As evolution is part of life , we evolved and started working for women empowerment, child safety, healthy food habits, moral values and creating an active India together.  

HMSF has traversed a long path in all these years. It has been a never-ending journey towards holistic athletic and defensive excellence. We created the beings who got over their fears ,their weaknesses ,their drawbacks and moved towards achieving not only physical but also mentally strong and stable body . Well said -An elite mindset can bring a change in society - create a being that can protect oneself and others and develop a stable society..a society free of fears , a society free of detestable habits and also an untainted society. We followed this and will keep following this.

Today , HMFS is not just a martial arts faculty but a social and personal excellence community to empower diverse learners to become global citizens. We offer not just training and knowledge but an environment of mutual respect, trust and understanding of our motive of developing a good human being . We are committed towards achieving outstanding results in making an all over developed individual leading to a developed society and a developed nation. We ,at the same time ,are dedicated to produce happy citizens who are steeped in rich Indian traditions and core values while learning quality of our  content/ motive.